ELFA recycled leather company introduction



ELFA LEATHER is located in the ancient town of Wuxi city—-Changjing, east of Xizhang Expressway, south of Huning Expressway and Shanghai Airport,the traffic is very convenient.


We mainly produce a new sustainable recycled leather alternative to traditional leather in China since 2009.It is made from discarded wet blue leather off-cuts and synthetic fibers from bottles that normally end up in the landfill .It`s unique patented process employs high pressure water jets to force the recyclable leather fibers through an integral textile reinforcement core in a continuous closd-looped system with 100% of water recycled. It is a clean technology product using sustainable natural leather fibers and synthetic fibers, to save natural resources,to lower carbon emissions and to protect our planet.


We create what people want and what the planet deserves.We are the people behind the sustainable recycled leather alternative.We are on the way of social development of recycling and reusing all materials, saving scarce water resources, lowering carbon emissions and protecting the environment.We obtain the GRS certification, fully connecting with the international market, applying the TC certificate for customers timely, in line with the foreign customer to the material traceability request. The company’s GRS series of products including recycled leather base,coated base,and finished recycled leather ( R-Leather), obtained a number of patent technical certificates, fully reflect the sweat and wisdom of production and R & D personnel.We have established a good cooperative relationship with NK, ASICS, PUMA, KAPPA, DECKERS, CAT, KUKA, CLARKS, K-Swiss, UGG, CAMPER, BALENCIAGA, ZARA, ARMANI , ect .


We never ignore the development of our empolyees in future and personal safety during the production.Every month we need to have a meeting together to summarize working plan for next month. Every season we need to do one time fire drill to strengthen our workers safety awareness.Every year we attend some exhibitions to promote our smart product recycled leather to clients.Meanwhile, it also provides more space for employees to show their talents.


In a word,we are proud of ourselves for doing some recycling products and in line with the development trend of human society.We are all working hard to protect the only planet we own. We believe that it will be better in future.   Come on ! Elfa Leather !

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