sustainable recycled leather production process

Leather Evolution—-Recycled Leather

Recycled Leather is the sustainable leather alternative.

Diverting leather waste from landfill+Lowering carbon footprint+Saving scarce water resources

Recycled Leather`s innovated production process tranforms leather into special recyclable materials while achieving significantly environmental protection.Recycled Leather reduces leather waste ,increases recycled content,saves the scarce water resources,lowers carbon footprint,intensifys performance,and enables brands to create extraordinary products and memorable customers experiences while improving sustainability.

how is recycled leather made


100% Sustainable recycle

51% recycled natural leather fibers +35% recyclable synthetic fibers+14% recycling PU coating

Light weight

Recycled leather is made from leather fibers and synthetic fibers.Not all leather fibers.It`s 40% lighter than traditional leather.

Maximised processing efficiency

Width is 54″ ,about 25 meters length each roll.It is easy to cut and sew,save labor cost and time.

Low maintainence

The surface is eco friendly recycling water pu coating.It is easy to clean and maintain.

No adhesives

Recycled Leather is a clean technology product,the surface is eco friendly water pu,backing is sustainable recyclable leather fibers .

Commitment to the Planet

Reducing leather waste from the landfill ,saving 90% scarce water resources,lowering 60% carbon frootprint,

Highly Durable

Recycled Leather uses 100% nonwoven structure production ,resistant to wear and tear .

Bespoke customising opportunities

Color,texture,thickness,touching feeling and gloss bespoke customising .