A new sustainable leather alternative-Recycled Leather

A new sustainable leather alternative-Recycled Leather
Engineered to perform-naturally.

It is made from discarded wet blue leather off-cuts that normally end up in the landfill.It`s unique patented process empolys high pressure water jets to force the recycled leather fibers through an integral textile reinforcement core in a continuous closed-looped system with 99% of water recycled .It is a clean technology product using sustainable natural leather fibers and 100% zero carbon electricity in its production process.

Item code numberR leather black beige mahogany
ItemSpecification Test standardUnitTest resultParameter
ThicknessSATRA TM27mm1.4-1.6±0.2
Gram weightISO3801-1977Eg/m2730730±50
Peeling strengthLongitudeSATRA TM43kgs/3cm4.53.0
WeftSATRA TM43kgs/3cm4.53.0
Tensile strengthLongitudeSATRA TM43kgs/3cm4030
WeftSATRA TM43kgs/3cm3525
Breaking elongationLongitudeSATRA TM43%5040-90
WeftSATRA TM4380
Needle perforation strengthLongitudeSATRA TM33kgs/mm1.51.0
WeftSATRA TM331.71.0
Tearing StrengthLongitudeISO3377-2kgs4.52.5
Color fastnessDryAATCC8Grade5.03.0
Color migrationISO1507Grade4.0≥4
Anti-YellowingASTM D1148Grade4.0≥4
Abrasion-resistanceSATRA TM163H18*500g*500cycles2.0≤3.0
Flexing PropertyNormal 25ºCSATRA TM55100 thousands timesNo breaking on the surfaceNo breaking on the surface
-10ºC belowSATRA TM5540 thousands timesNo breaking on the surfaceNo breaking on the surface
Anti-hydrolysis70ºC*95%RHISO54237daysNo chalking on  the surfaceNo chalking on  the surface

Sustainability :
We are the people behind the sustainable leather alternative.We create what people want and what the planet deserves.There is no doubt that nature`s resources are limited .Over-consumption is taking its toll on our planet.And there is an urgent need to recycle more and waste less.So that`s exactly what we do ! A significant amount of leather is unused and often destined for landfill.We reduces that problem by recycling tonnes of leather hides rather than wasting them.

Our commitment to sustainability:
To minimise our environmental footprint and ensure we`re making efficient use of the world`s scarce natural resources,we focus on three key areas.Such as Increasing recycled content,Lowering carbon emissions,reducing use of earth`s scarce resources.



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