China Bonded Leather with pu Nubuck coating

Nubuck聽Bonded Leather


Length:about 25 meters


Package: in double plastic bags of 25 meters each roll

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Nubuck聽Bonded Leather

It is made from discarded wet blue leather off-cuts that normally end up in the landfill.It`s unique patented process empolys high pressure water jets to force the recycled leather fibers through an integral textile reinforcement core in a continuous closed-looped system with 99% of water recycled .It is a clean and smart technology product using sustainable natural leather fibers and 100% zero carbon electricity in its production process.

Product NameBonded Leather
ItemSpecification聽Test standardUnitTest resultParameter
ThicknessSATRA TM27mm1.4-1.6卤0.2
Gram weightISO3801-1977Eg/m2730730卤50
Peeling strengthLongitudeSATRA TM43kgs/3cm4.53.0
WeftSATRA TM43kgs/3cm4.53.0
Tensile strengthLongitudeSATRA TM43kgs/3cm4030
WeftSATRA TM43kgs/3cm3525
Breaking elongationLongitudeSATRA TM43%5040-90
WeftSATRA TM4380
Needle perforation strengthLongitudeSATRA TM33kgs/mm1.51.0
WeftSATRA TM331.71.0
Tearing StrengthLongitudeISO3377-2kgs4.52.5
Color fastnessDryAATCC8Grade5.03.0
Color migrationISO1507Grade4.0鈮4
Anti-YellowingASTM D1148Grade4.0鈮4
Abrasion-resistanceSATRA TM163H18*500g*500cycles2.0鈮3.0
Flexing PropertyNormal 25潞CSATRA TM55100 thousands timesNo breaking on the surfaceNo breaking on the surface
-10潞C belowSATRA TM5540 thousands timesNo breaking on the surfaceNo breaking on the surface
Anti-hydrolysis70潞C*95%RHISO54237daysNo chalking on聽 the surfaceNo chalking on聽 the surface



What is聽Bonded Leather 锛

Bonded Leather is a special recycled material produced using unused leather together with recyclable synthetic fibers to create a sustainable material that delivers the look and feel of tradtional leather.It has a lower impact on climate change compared to traditional full grain leather.


Why need聽Bonded Leather ?

With the aggravation of environment pollution on the international agenda, coupled with a focus on limited resources and a dedication to the ethical treatment of animals,recycled leather has entered the scene as a force for good.Now a lot of famous brands specifically have long sought sustainable materials,originally turning to fabric,now they are considering and using recycled leather.Such as Nike,NB,Gucci,Armani,Mlb,Kuka,Lamborghini etc.In the near future,there is a strong upward demand for ethical gree and recycled products.

Who we are ?

We are the people behind the sustainable bonded leather alternative .We are commited to minimising our environmental footprint and making efficient use the world`s scarce natural resources . We create what people want and what the planet deserves.

Sustainability :
We are the people behind the sustainable leather alternative.We create what people want and what the planet deserves.There is no doubt that nature`s resources are limited .Over-consumption is taking its toll on our planet.And there is an urgent need to recycle more and waste less.So that`s exactly what we do !聽A significant amount of leather is unused and often destined for landfill.We reduces that problem by recycling tonnes of leather hides rather than wasting them.

Our commitment to sustainability:
To minimise our environmental footprint and ensure we`re making efficient use of the world`s scarce natural resources,we focus on three key areas.Such as Increasing recycled content,Lowering carbon emissions,reducing use of earth`s scarce resources.聽聽

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